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Happy 2021!

 Happy New Year! Looking forward to an exciting 2021

Happy Fourth of July!

There were some great finds at the dollar stores this season - hoping that your shopping went as well as ours did!

Happy Independence Day!

Unusual Art

One of the best things about thrifting is the interesting people you meet, and this gentleman definitely qualified. It took me a while, but I was finally able to talk him into selling me these vintage board games for a price that fit with my "latte pricing" - under $6 each! These are going to be perfect artwork to use in a gameroom I am working on, and I've got a great story to go with them.

For more decorating ideas, be sure and visit our Lifestylist page.

Thrift Shop Finds

There's nothing we love more than a great deal, and we've been surprised to find dollar store prices on some beautiful items at thrift shops. Lula B's in Oak Cliff is one of our favorites, and we found lots of items including silver pieces that were under our "less than a latte" pricing and our Lifestylist Look.

It's a great time to get out there and shop!

Great Buys at Goodwill

Knowing where to shop in different cities is a challenge. Sometimes you don't find a thing and other times you get really lucky.

As a Lifestylist® I  do a lot of food styling so all I need is one glass or the perfect plate to make a shot come alive. I've found some of the best places to find beautiful vintage pieces literally for pennies is at Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Erie Pennsylvania is a gold mine for me - it's a town with centuries of history behind it so you never know what you'll find. I've been in the mood to do some Spring shots and was thrilled to find these beautiful floral plates and glassware. Talk about a deal - some of the plates were on sale for 28 cents!

Dollar Tree Bargains

Walking into a dollar store can be intimidating.  Aisles upon aisles of products - all just a dollar waiting to be chosen and taken home by you.

The key to a successful trip to these stores is knowing up front what you need, and only buying things that are worth more than a dollar, and even that is easy to do.

Plates, dishes and cooking tools are always my favorites, and today I bought everything that my local Dollar Tree had in their artificial fruit display. Strange sounding purchase after spending the day at the Dallas Farmers Market, but these full sized lemons, apples, and oranges are up to $3.00 each at other stores, and they are perfect for adding color and interest to a kitchen in winter - especially on those higher shelves or kitchen islands.

I may have spent over $250.00 today (the people in line behind me were not happy) but I've got lots of great accessories for my upcoming Lifestylist® Designed homes.

Giving Back To The Community

I had a wonderful opportunity this week - I got to volunteer at Shared Housing.
I've been involved in lots of organizations where they just want you to give or raise money, but Shared Housing let's me work with the people I'm helping and make a difference.
Thursday I got to play with the kids while the Mom's learned about budgeting and parenting. And they are amazing kids - they all take care of each other and appreciate the smallest things. Shared Housing keeps a "toy room" where new toys are stored and used as incentives to the kids for good deeds or when it's their birthday. People tend to be very generous at Christmas time, but by July the toy room starts getting pretty sparse. I promised the staff that if they would let the kids get an unexpected trip to the toy room, the Lifestylist® team would get to work and re-stock the room with goodies that would help keep the room open for the rest of the year.
I always keep my promises, and I'm happy to report that I'm going to have a car load full of goodies for the room, and mew sheets blankets, and kitchen utensils for the Moms. And the best part is that they said I can come and play with the kids any time :)
Just the smallest things can make such a difference. We visited our local Dollar Store and the clearance aisles at our local stores and were able to make our budget go a long way.
Shared Housing is also getting ready for "School is Cool". They need to get school supplies and uniforms for 270 children that are active in the program. They believe that no child should have to start school  without the proper clothes or supplies -these kids have already gone through enough.
If you would like to help or to make a donation, visit the Shared Housing website or give them a call at: 214-821-8510