Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber shares fun, inexpensive decorating ideas that ingredients cost less than a latte.

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Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber prefers to take the road less traveled and share those experiences with her her friends and followers.

After trademarking the term Lifestylist in 2001, Felber has made a committment to help others find their "inner-stylists".

She lives and works at The Home Idea Factory - a 1941 printing factory in Oak Cliff Texas with a rich historical past. She and photographer Lisa Stewart Photography use the space as a place to try out and photograph new ideas and share them with their clients.
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Dollar Tree Bargains

Walking into a dollar store can be intimidating.  Aisles upon aisles of products - all just a dollar waiting to be chosen and taken home by you.

The key to a successful trip to these stores is knowing up front what you need, and only buying things that are worth more than a dollar, and even that is easy to do.

Plates, dishes and cooking tools are always my favorites, and today I bought everything that my local Dollar Tree had in their artificial fruit display. Strange sounding purchase after spending the day at the Dallas Farmers Market, but these full sized lemons, apples, and oranges are up to $3.00 each at other stores, and they are perfect for adding color and interest to a kitchen in winter - especially on those higher shelves or kitchen islands.

I may have spent over $250.00 today (the people in line behind me were not happy) but I've got lots of great accessories for my upcoming Lifestylist® Designed homes.

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