Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber shares fun, inexpensive decorating ideas that ingredients cost less than a latte.

About The Lifestylist®

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Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber prefers to take the road less traveled and share those experiences with her her friends and followers.

After trademarking the term Lifestylist in 2001, Felber has made a committment to help others find their "inner-stylists".

She lives and works at The Home Idea Factory - a 1941 printing factory in Oak Cliff Texas with a rich historical past. She and photographer Lisa Stewart Photography use the space as a place to try out and photograph new ideas and share them with their clients.
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Great Buys at Goodwill

Knowing where to shop in different cities is a challenge. Sometimes you don't find a thing and other times you get really lucky.

As a Lifestylist® I  do a lot of food styling so all I need is one glass or the perfect plate to make a shot come alive. I've found some of the best places to find beautiful vintage pieces literally for pennies is at Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Erie Pennsylvania is a gold mine for me - it's a town with centuries of history behind it so you never know what you'll find. I've been in the mood to do some Spring shots and was thrilled to find these beautiful floral plates and glassware. Talk about a deal - some of the plates were on sale for 28 cents!

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